It Takes A Village…

Today I am playing Mr. Mom while my wife works. As you may know, this is an unusual situation because I am usually the one who is off working, grinding away at the mill, working to bring home the bacon, yada yada yada. Actually…my job has nothing to do with a mill OR bacon so please disregard that last sentence. Aaaaanyway…today I am home not only with MY 2 kids, but also with our friends’ son & daughter and an assortment of children who, at any given time, pass through our backyard, playing basketball, ball tag or whoever might just need a drink of water. This isn’t unusual around here. We ALWAYS have kids around. It’s the way it has always been. And now that some of the kids are getting old enough to walk over on their own (instead of having their parents drop them off), a large contingent migrate to our backyard to play or just hang out. And I’m all good with that.

I don’t know about you, but around here in our little village, we know ALL of the kids. Usually we know all of their parents as well. I’m not gonna lie about it…Stephanie knows the parents better than I do but she’s around a lot more so that’s to be expected. Every kid who comes through our doors is polite, funny and engaging and are usually not an ounce of trouble and you know why?

Because they’ve been raised not only by their parents but by several other sets of parents as well. I consider myself and Stephanie as a part of an elite group. Our kids all go to the same school, they all play at the same parks, they all play for the same teams, they all hang out ALL the time. So whenever they are at their friends’ homes, I know they are in good hands. This group of friends that we have are not just our friends but they are also our support group, our lifeline and in some cases, like an extended family. We trust them with our kids and we know that they look at them like they are their own. This, in turn, makes our lives so much easier because we know that, when one family has a need or a situation, there are many available to help. There have been so many times when I’ve been out of town and Stephanie has had too many things going on all at once and our friends have helped us out. We are very lucky to be a part of such a supportive and understanding group and ALL of our kids are great in so many ways. Each of them are respectful and easy to get along with. I love that about them all and I can’t give this group of parents enough credit for raising such wonderful children.

Anyway…I don’t really see them as much as I would like sometimes but I appreciate all that they do for me and my family and I thought I would just acknowledge that. Okay…now back to Mr Mom duties! I’m pretty sure there are peanut butter sandwiches that need to be made…

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