K.C. Has Seen Better Days

Yes…it’s true. I was married once before. And what did I get out of the enullment? A bike (which now sits in my garage), an ugly green recliner (which now sits at my in-laws house) and 2 cats (which now sit in my basement). Doing the math, the cats that I have had since 1994 are now 14 years old. And this week, one of them will no longer be with us.

K.C., pre-kids, was a wonderful feline. She was playful and loved to cuddle. But something happened when Christopher came into our lives, and she became reclusive and scared. Steph & I both tried to make her feel loved, but as you can imagine, we had to spend more time taking care of our new addition and didn’t have too much time to spend worrying about the pyschological state of our cats (at the time, we had 4). When we had our 2nd child, K.C. disappeared into our basement and hardly ever came up to play with the others.

A couple of years ago, she developed a thyroid issue. She is now very thin, her fur is constantly mangled, and she’s been throwing up everywhere. For some strange reason, she pulls clumps of her fur out. It looks as if a cat has exploded in our basement! Between the cleaning up of the fur and the cleaning up of the cat puke, I worry that at some point I’m gonna find her dead having choked on one of the two.

So this will probably be the last couple of days for K.C. She has been a wonderful cat and I will miss her. It’s strange how animals react to changes, and I will always wish that she had accepted the kids a little better than she did. But 14 years is a long time for a feline, and she has made my life wonderful for that long. I think it’s the least I can do to make sure that she doesn’t suffer any more.

I haven’t really planned out when I’m going to have it done. I just know I have to do it. And so this week sometime I will scoop her up and make the trek to the vets and have her put to sleep. I have never had to do this, so it will be a first for me. I don’t know how I’m gonna react but I feel it’s the humane thing to do.

Any thoughts?

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4 Responses to K.C. Has Seen Better Days

  1. Danielle says:

    Aww. I’m so sorry. I really don’t know what to tell you. My first dog ever lived for like 13 years, and died in her sleep, before I had to make a decision. I realize I will probably have to do it in the next couple of years with my two dogs now, but….I don’t know! Give her lots of kisses and just hurry and get it over with. 😦 I’m so sorry.

  2. Amber says:

    I’m really sorry. I won’t say much more because I’m lible to get real mushy. You know how I feel about my poms. (Taz is giving me kisses right now.) Anyway, here is a long distance cyber hug from your little sis (hug). I love you, and see you soon!

  3. Red says:

    Yes, I believe that’s the most unselfish thing to do. Dont allow that animal to suffer when it doesn’t have to.
    Im sorry, too 😦

  4. teeni says:

    Don’t feel too badly. It sounds like the cat knew something was wrong physically with herself when she went into hiding and it may have had nothing to do with the arrival of your children. That could be coincidence. I’m saying this because you mentioned her having a thyroid issue and I know that the thyroid governs so much of the body and moods that it is possible she had the condition a lot longer than you knew about. Many cats go into hiding when they have something wrong with them. I can’t think of a more peaceful way to go than to have a loved one who cared for you by your side when falling asleep. I’m glad she has you for an owner. It’s not easy but it’s better than any alternative I can think of. Hugs to you.

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