The Power Of The Poke

Quite possibly the WORST album cover EVER! But it works for this blog…

I love Facebook. Because of it I can rattle the cages of many a friend that I have lost track of. I now have EXACTLY 200 friends. Some from high school, some from college, some that I work with, some that I used to work with, some relatives, some ex-girlfriends…WAIT…it’s NOT LIKE THAT! Seriously…THEY found ME (right Kim?). So anyways…I like the fact that so many people that I have known in my lifetime I can now get ahold of just by opening up my little laptop here and powering up and logging on and VOILA! Friends from sea to shining sea!

And lately, I have begun to enjoy “Poke Wars”! If you are not a Facebooker, you have no idea what I’m talking about, so allow me to explain. On Facebook, if you want to let someone know you are thinking about them, you send them a “poke”. It’s like an easier way to say, “Hey! How are ya?” than actually having to sit down and write an email! Poking can be good natured and a nice way to let someone know that you have them in your thoughts. However, now I am finding that “p0king” can also lead to a little bit of internet aggressiveness…and THAT is where “POKE WARS” begins!

I’m all about having friends who are thinking about me…but when I log in and I have the same 15 people poking me EVERY DAY? There’s something up. So I have declared POKE WAR on some of these friends of mine…and I’m NOT backing down! I shall not be the last to poke! I won’t stop poking you if you continue poking me! IT WON’T HAPPEN!!! So YOU, my friend, must stop first! Because I shall continue to poke you until you are blue in the ribs! Seriously…you don’t want to mess with me because I am resilient and I will NEVER surrender! I have seen where this is heading and it ain’t pretty! Before too long, I might have to start sending “hugs” & “kisses” and tossing pigs or lobbing sheep or something (and yes…you CAN do that on Facebook).

So…I now leave it up to you, my Facebook friend. Keep poking me and you’ll see what’s what. But you have been warned…   🙂

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3 Responses to The Power Of The Poke

  1. lmcope says:

    I WILL NOT BACK DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You will be poked forever. (But remember, baby delivery delay does not count)

  2. mop master says:

    I may poke, I amy threw sheep you never know. However I try not to do it EVERY day. But now I just might have to increase the frequency. LOL!!

  3. Kim says:

    Oh. It is on!

    ~ Betty

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