When A Cousin Comes To Town…Day 2

So today wasn’t terribly busy. The kids played over at the neighbor’s house for an hour or so, then we were off to the pool for some fun in the sun! Afterwards, we came home, had some dinner and went to watch Christopher’s football practice. I think the kids had fun…but you would have to ask them…

July 2009 010
My view

July 2009 011

July 2009 012

July 2009 013

July 2009 014
Very sneaky Ava…

July 2009 008
The Gang

July 2009 015
Watching Some Football…Kinda

July 2009 022
Eh…They’re Not Watching Either…

July 2009 028
Christopher’s Group

July 2009 024
A Monkey In A Tree

July 2009 019
No Idea Who This Is…

July 2009 029
One Sweaty Kid

July 2009 035
The End Of A Long Day!

Tomorrow…The Zoo & Paul Brown Stadium!

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3 Responses to When A Cousin Comes To Town…Day 2

  1. fjl21 says:

    Looks like a great time! I will send AJ over next week!!

  2. mandy says:

    Love the football jersey with “Layton” on the back. Haven’t seen one of those in…well, ever.

    Have fun @ the zoo and stadium!

  3. That pool is awesome!! Don’t ya’ just love it when strangers bring you drinks???

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