Don’t Judge A Man By His Balls

Let’s just get it out there right off the bat…

I’m not a very good golfer.

There. I said it.

So whenever I go golfing with my Dad, my brother, my brother-in-laws, my friends, strangers, any one else who happens to be on the course, I inevitably feel inadequate. But that’s okay. Especially when it’s a clear & sunny day with temperatures in the high 70’s with no humidity to be found. And you know what…I managed to play 9 holes without losing the ball I originally started out with! The ol’ Max Distance made it the distance with a few scrapes and scratches, but it still survived!

Oh sure, I nailed the cart path on 1 with the ball taking a high hop to the left of the green  and then I hit a tree down the left fairway on the 3rd hole and then there was the tree and the trap on the 4th hole and then I borrowed a “throwaway” ball for the 5th hole (long drive over the water. THAT ball didn’t survive…) so my lucky Max Distance managed to avoid a watery grave there…

So yes…it had a few scrapes and scratches, but you can’t judge a man by the shape of his balls. Especially when I ALMOST birdied the final hole! Almost. But then I misjudged the slope on the green and 3 putted.

Oh well. It was still a beautiful morning spent with my dad.

And for you who thought this blog might possibly be about something else? Shame on you. THOSE particular objects are in fine shape, thank you very much.

Wait…is that too much information?

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2 Responses to Don’t Judge A Man By His Balls

  1. What is funnier than this post??? Is now you are going to get all sorts of pervs checking out your site because they google certain words related with this and come across your blog. I wonder who will get more hits…Lady Gaga or Don’t Judge a Man by his Balls? You should post a blog hit meter for those two posts alone. 🙂

    So far Mel, you’re the only perv to stop by and leaved a comment! LOL

  2. Alan, you should play the course that runs behind my house. Judging by the number of balls that get lost in my yard, I think you’d feel right at home.

    Hook me up with the address and I’ll get right on that! And if you ever wanna get rid of those extras piling up…you know where to find me!

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