The Bulldogs In Gatlinburg

The Bulldogs went on the road last weekend for a 3 day tournament in Gatlinburg, TN. Although we didn’t do as well as we had hoped (we came in 4th overall in the tournament), the boys all played hard and gave it a good run! While we were there, we also kept them busy with swimming, ziplining, horse riding and hiking! Oh…and the dads played golf and the moms went shopping.

Overall, everyone had a fun weekend and we all agreed that we’re gonna have to revisit Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge. Who knew there was so much to do there!

20120626-090204.jpg Ready to FLY!!!

20120626-090242.jpg The pool slide was AWESOME!!! Just don’t go head first…

This group went on a bear hunt/hike! Crazy kids…

Ava enjoyed riding horses…TWICE!

Christopher pitched in a couple games…

Seriously…does this helmet make my head look big?

2 brave zipliners!

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