The Great Summer Storm of 2012


It’s summer so I realize that hot weather is something that is to be expected but this week has been nuts. On Thursday night (June 28), Christopher and the Bulldogs played in 100 degree heat. Then on Friday I traveled to Washington DC to work at the AT&T National where Tiger and the boys had to play in temps that FELT like 109 degrees. THEN…to add to the misery…a summer storm with hurricane-like winds blew threw the DC area and knocked out power at our hotel, tore up the golf course and caused all kinds of havoc. And in order for the storm to get to DC, it had to make a pitstop in Zanesville where it did a number on Mom & Dad’s house, knocking a tree into the back porch and making a mess of things. Needless to say, this past week has not been what I would call “normal” summer weather. 3 million people without power, hot as an oven and storms so strong they’re knocking over trees like Legos.

Here are a few photos from my parents’ house. The tree just barely missed ripping into the meat of the house. And a couple pics from Congressional Country Club that I DIDN’T take. Only certain people were allowed on the course yesterday and, quite frankly, it’s just too damn hot for me to go out there today to take pictures so…you gets what you gets…







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