Windows Down, Arms Out

I’m driving to someplace today and I have the windows down and the music playing and my son tells me that I shouldn’t have my arm out the window because someone might hit it and break my arm off. I asked him where he got such a notion and he responded, “Mom said it.”

Now I realize there are a lot of rules that we have when riding or driving a vehicle. In order to be safe, always ride with a helmet. Always buckle up. Always make sure you go the speed limit (which I rarely do). Always keep a safe distance between my car and the person in front of me. But no arms out the window???

SCREW THAT RULE! I’ve hung my arm out the window since I was able to drive and I have never once, in all those years, had it ripped from my body and flung into the opposite lane.

So when Christopher asked, “Why do you do that Daddy?”

I responded. “Because it’s cool.”

James Dean ain’t got nothing on me, man. I’m one bad ass mo-fo. So get outta my way when I got that arm out, swingin’ in the breeze. ‘Cause I’m comin’ through and you can’t stop me!

Well…no one can stop me except my wife, I guess. Fun hater wife…

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5 Responses to Windows Down, Arms Out

  1. mandy says:

    You have to give Christopher a rubber band (1/4 inch wide ones work nicely) and have him hold it taut in the wind while you’re driving down the road. My kids giggle like crazy at the twangy sound it makes. They don’t have to hang their whole arms out the window for this to work, just their fingertips, so Steph shouldn’t get too mad!

  2. Amber says:

    You know, mom always said that too.

  3. One armed Guy says:

    I was 10 when my arm flew off. Yep, clean break…actually hit a guy on a motor scooter in the other lane. My mother warned me about the dangers of wind power and the likelyhood of my arm being popped off by another motorist, but I didn’t listen. I was too cool. I had the whole world, all the gifts of man, TWO ARMS!!!!! And I blew it, looking cool. Damn you, looking cool.

  4. Red says:

    Ooooh . You’re such a badass.

  5. Ruth Ann says:


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