What The Heck…Word Verification?

As a blogger, I blog a lot. I blog so much that a times it seems that I don’t ever go and read what other bloggers are writing. But I do go to other sites and I enjoy leaving messages. However (and I realize that they are a necessary evil), the “word verification” applications that some people use are getting to be ridiculous.

Has junk mail gotten to be such a huge pain in the ass that now we have to have 18 letter verifications in order to leave a 10 letter response or comment? Seriously, I go to leave a short comment and then I have to type “Abbc78tyufunkyfudgeeatingcontest2009” into a space. And if I don’t type it correctly? I gotta retype something else along the same lines! That’s CRAZY! A couple of sites have words that make sense. Usually I have to type 2 words in order to get past the lock. Words like “dog & commuter”, or “talking & petticoat”. What I’m wondering is…who is picking these words? Do they have some guy in an office sitting at a dictionary and picking out words that no one would EVER pick to put together? Is there a concern that a computer program will fire off 20 trillion possible codeword combinations in order to sneak past that one unlucky blogger who has the verification of “wigwam & pancakes”? I guess it’s possible.

And myspace is using it now when I am trying to access my site. I can barely make out the letters because they are so stilted and weird. It sucks! I’m just trying to access my account! I don’t want to fire off missiles or break into someone’s bank account!

I am not stupid. I realize there are computer geeks out there who get great joy breaking into people’s websites and creating all kinds of havoc. I’m sure I’m opening up all kinds of opportunity for some idiot right now who has hours to do nothing but sit on the internet and screw with someone else’s stuff. And to those people I say…KNOCK IT OFF! I’m tired of trying to type “GJASOIUEWRHYFHS86” just so I can leave a quick note to a friend on the other side of the country!!! What the hell is wrong with you!?!? Go download some internet porn or something, for crying out loud. Leave my bloggy friends alone already!!!

Your mother would be ashamed! And you never know…maybe SHE’S the one you’re hacking…you little punk. I hope she takes your internet access AND your Star Wars action figures…

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8 Responses to What The Heck…Word Verification?

  1. I know – it’s a real pain in the ass. I put the word verification on mine because I kept getting comments that were ads for penis enlargement!! Fitting given my name, but still…

    Yeah…where DOES that moniker come from anyways???

  2. LOL @ Woody.

    I dont mind the blogspot ones so much…they are usually just a few letters and actually legible, but I feel ya on most sites–is that a 7 rotated or an “L”?

  3. Yippee!! Kings of Leon! I love them – I saw them in 2007 at Bonnaroo. Listened to the CD this am as I rode on the trainer. Thanks!!

    No problem! Glad you like! Any thoughts about the other disk?

  4. I hate word verifications. I especially hate the ones that are 2 words and the ones where the letters are so distorted you can’t figure out what the hell they are.

  5. Amber says:

    Not only are they too distorted, but they are not even real words, so you can’t even guess!!!

  6. the claw says:

    Word Verifications piss me off too.

  7. Danielle-Lee says:

    ‘Go download some internet porn’. Haha

  8. me says:

    Word verification (also known as captures) are to prevent spam. Although they are a massive waste of time (around 500,000 hours per day) for internet users they help to prevent spam as automated bots cannot operate. Also, the ones with two words is called a “recapture”. One of the words is a normal word distorted and the other one is a word from a book being digitalized that the computer cannot recognize. If you get the normal word right and you have submitted an answer to the other word than the computer takes the other word as what the word in the book actually is.
    The words that are weird are normally from really old books such as from the 1800s.

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