Just A Boy And His Bike


Springtime has sprung (at least for a couple of days), and Christopher has decided that it is now or never for learning to ride his bike. I’m not gonna lie…I have been a bad dad when it comes to getting him out on his bike. We live on a street where there is a small hill, which makes it hard for little legs to get down & back on a bike. So the only thing to do is to take the bike to the park or elsewhere. Which we have done, but not enough to get Christopher up and running without his training wheels.

Well…that all changed yesterday when we took the wheels off and headed over to Grammy’s cul-de-sac so that we could practice without them. I would say it was a success, however I think Christopher had it in his head that it was gonna be an easy task. So the math falls like this…  fear + anticipation = 1 crazy little boy. But we finally got him on his bike and he kinda gets it. But it’s going to take some practice. Christopher is not a patient kid. So this could be interesting to see how much frustration he can take before there is drama. But for the first day, he did pretty good, even if there were a couple of moments of irritation!

A few words of wisdom



Mom gave him some pointers


Ava walked the curb…

…and took some pictures

After about an hour of practice, we went to Skyline for some coney dogs and 3-ways. And then we went home and Ava & I played her Disney Princess game on the Wii while Christopher’s best friend, Anthony, came over and then we played some basketball in the backyard. Overall, a great evening! And I’m sure there will be more just like them happening all summer long! 🙂

Mmmmmmm…..Skyline coneys….

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4 Responses to Just A Boy And His Bike

  1. I love the “…and took some pictures”, that is classic! 🙂

    I don’t see mention of any skinned knees, or bruised elbows – so you must have done a great job, being co-pilot. I know I always ended up with scrapes, bruises and a good story… and it never ended with Skyliners, I’m jealous!

  2. mandy says:

    We’ve had similar problems in teaching Alarik to ride his bike. With the girls, it was so easy: we lived across the street from a cul-de-sac, and Westerville had bike trails everywhere. They rode their bikes everyday. Now, we live on a street with a small hill and bad sidewalks. He can only go 20 feet without having to get off the bike and turn it around 😦

  3. Awww…what were the pointers? 🙂

  4. What’s a 3 way?

    What? You’ve never heard of a 3-way? Well…if you don’t know…I can’t tell you…except for maybe in blog form! LOL

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