Guilty Pleasures: Golfin’ With My Dad & Brother


Editor’s Note: All photos posted in this blog were taken by my brother’s camera. I take no responsibility for any fuzziness or spot shadows because my brother has a new photo organizer that allows him to play with sepia tones and soft focus and he has taken to adding special effects to EVERY picture! So the ones of me where I look like I’m hitting out of the rough or where my Dad is NOT 4 inches from the pin? All done in Photoshop. Just sayin’…

I love going home to visit my family. Lucky for me, they all live within a short distance of my parents’ home. With the exception of one sister and myself, they all live in Zanesville, Ohio. Home of the Y-Bridge and Adornetto’s Pizzaria. I love going home to hang with my parents and I love visiting my nieces & nephews every chance I get. But the real guilty pleasure I get when I go home is when my Dad, my brother and I hit the links at my Dad’s home course…Fuller’s Fairways Jaycees Golf Course.

Nestled deep in the rolling countryside of Muskingum County, this little course is where my Dad spends his retirement. He golfs everyday with his buddies and buys rounds of coffee and soft drinks for everyone while he’s kicking their butts. It’s what a retired guy SHOULD do…well…except for when my Mom wants him home and then maybe it’s not. But for the most part…golf is his getaway. It’s what he does. And when he does it…he does it at Fuller’s Fairways. So when I come to town and my brother & I head out to the course with my Dad, here’s the way it goes…

My Dad & my brother face off and actually keep score. I do my best to hit the ball into the fairway.


Now I’m not a terrible golfer. I played on my high school golf team and I know the correct stance and how to grip the club and some of the basic rules (what’s that rule about not being allowed to kick your ball out from under a tree again?). But you get my Dad and my brother together and it’s like they are talking a different language. It’s golf lingo at its best as they discuss everything from new putting stances to club grips. I admittedly have no idea what they are talking about 95% of the time. What I do know is this…they can both out-drive me. They can both out-putt me. And they can both re-grip their own clubs. Soooo…they should both be better than me…right?

Well…they are. But that doesn’t stop me from getting out there and talking a little smack every now and then. But usually it ends up with Dad beating my brother by a stroke or two and some fairly competitive play happening for the last 4 holes of the course. As for me? Well…I sit back and soak it all in. There’s nothing better than to listen to my Dad give my little brother a verbal beatdown while the breeze is blowing and the cornfields are in the background and all I can hear are the birds and my Dad and Frank sparring with one another. For me…that’s good times. And it’s the stuff memories are made of.

Here’s some photos of our last get-together on Wednesday. Hopefully it’s not the last time this fall that we get to play. But if it is…then I’ll have to wait til next spring to get my putter back. Literally 22 years since my Dad gave it to me, my brother has finally promised to re-grip my putter. 22 YEARS later?!?! Oh I am SOOOOO gonna kick his butt on that first green next time we play…

I need to bend at the knees a little more…

Obviously NOT Photoshopped…

I didn’t see WHERE it went…

See!!! Soft Focus?!?!

Nice shot Pops!

Nice backswing…

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7 Responses to Guilty Pleasures: Golfin’ With My Dad & Brother

  1. It is fun to play with photos. I wish I had more time for photoshop. I’m usually doing well if I just TAKE a photo! : )

  2. mandy says:


  3. mom says:

    ditto Mandy…***cough***Jaycees***cough***cough!!! Love….mom (Oh,by the way, you forgot to mention your old pop is the ZDGA champ for his age group. He also beat everyone younger than he. His nearest competitor was 21 years younger than he. But alas, that youngun beat him by 7 strokes. Aways next year!!!)

  4. fjl21 says:

    Make fun of my photo skills will ya? Let me just pat my own back by being able to zoom all the way to fullers from Jaycees – the skill it takes!!
    Still a great day! Can’t wait to go again soon!!

  5. Alan says:

    Ooookay. I’m an idiot. It IS actually Jaycee’s Golf Course. Dunno WHY I didn’t think about it. But either way…I LOVE golfin’ with my Dad & brother!!! Even if I’m really not that good…LOL

  6. Amber says:

    You were home!?! No one even told me! I was working anyway. See ya soon and love ya.

  7. fjl21 says:

    How great would an Amber VS Alan match be!?! Alan, with his steady swing and Amber with her mighty power from the purple driver!! I want to double loop for that match!!!!!!!

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