But Water Is Free…Right?

I love coffee. All kinds. And I usually like mine with a lot of cream and sugar. So I guess I’m not a “true” diehard coffee drinker. However, I generally can find myself in a Starbucks or Tim Hortons or Caribou Coffee at any given time and plunking down a $1.60 for a large cup of java that I can ruin with sugary goodness.

I also like a variety of concoctions. I like the cappacino’s and the frappacino’s and the iced coffees. But I have a question in regards to the iced drinks, because I want to make sure I get this right…

If I buy a regular hot coffee for $1.60, shouldn’t the iced coffee also be $1.60? I mean, how come, if I want a coffee with ICE in it, I have to pay $1.95 or in some cases even more? What is up with that? It’s like that at McDonald’s, at Starbucks and at Dunkin Doughnuts. Want some frozen ice with that coffee? That will be 35 to 65 cents more.


Isn’t ice basically just frozen water? And usually if you are getting ice in your coffee the company is getting away with giving you LESS coffee than if you were to get it hot anyways. So why am I paying more for LESS coffee? I don’t get it? Can someone explain? How about if I order a hot coffee and then asked for a cup of ice? Is that free? Or do I have to pay for the ice then?

This is a topic that could also spill over into bagged ice. Why does a bag of frozen water cost me $3 or more at the grocery store? And bottled water. $1.50 for BOTTLED WATER? What the hell is going on??? It’s WATER people! I can get it free out of the tap!

Okay…I’m done. And I’m NOT paying 50 cents more for ice. It just doesn’t make sense. I’ll just leave my coffee in the car for a couple of hours. That will cool it off. Or I’ll just stick it in the fridge for a few minutes. Or even better! I can stick it in the freezer and then VOILA! A frozen coffee popsicle! Tasty!

Wonder what I could charge for THAT??? LOL

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4 Responses to But Water Is Free…Right?

  1. Maybe it’s because they have to buy a freezer. And a freezer uses electricity. ?Who knows? Can you buy your coffee, then ask for a cup of ice and just pour it over? By the way, that picture made me crave coffee. Thank you very much!

    It made me crave coffee too! LOL

  2. kat says:

    that really is a good photo.. yummmm

  3. mom says:

    Having owned two restaurants for 32 years, I know the LAW at that time was: Water, with or without ice, is free. It was against the law to charge anyone for water. However, that being said, in 1990 or so, we had a “drought” and we were not allowed to set water on the table unless people asked for it. I think your idea of asking for a cup of ice is a good idea, unless they charge you 50 cebts. If you are at home and you know you are going to get coffee and you want it iced, why not just fill one of your many to-go cups with ice and just order coffee and pour it over your home-made ice? Wake up!! Oh, yeah, you haven’t had your coffee, yet! P.S. We had a man who would come in every morning and ask for a cup of hot water and he would put his teabag in it and make his own tea. He also brought a hard-cooked egg!!! He was a judge in McConnellsville!! Couldn’t charge him for the water!!! Cleaned up his mess, though!

    Well…as long as he cleaned up after himself…

  4. Danielle-lee says:

    Now I want some damn coffee, iced or not. Thanks!

    Bring your own ice!

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