Taking A Bite Of The Big Apple

Under the bright lights of the big city!

This year’s annual “We’re Over The Hill So Let’s Get Outta Dodge” reunion tour took us to New York City! Much like Seattle last year, there was plenty of food eaten (Little Italy will never be the same), lots of drinks…uh…drunken (Chaya can attest to THIS one) and many sites seen. Unlike last year, we couldn’t just up & walk wherever we wanted to go so we spent lots of time hailing cabs, riding in cabs and attempting to underpay cabbies (c’mon Tom…$1? Really?). Needless to say, we had a great time and I’m pretty sure Tom got a pretty good overview of what New York is all about (the man had NEVER been to NYC??? For shame!). Some of the stops this year included Yankees Stadium, MoMA, Broadway, Times Square, the 9/11 Memorial and Central Park. All of that in a little under 4 days? Absolutely!

Tom pondering the unique vision of the 9/11 Memorial

The famous Carnegie Deli! With sandwiches the size of …well…JT’s head!

Oh…and the cheesecake is kinda big also!

Tom was impressed with the size of Central Park

Chaya LOVED the cab rides!

The Statue of Liber…wait…DAMMIT JT’S HEAD!!!

“Alright! Knock it off!!!”

Okay! Okay! So his head couldn’t block EVERYTHING… 

“A Starry Night” at MoMA

“What? You don’t SEE the soccer player in that?”

JT was a “little” bit tired after viewing all of the beautiful 70’s art deco flower vases at MoMA

One is a Reds fan, the other’s a Yankees fan. Guess who won?

Yankees Stadium

New York has REALLY big buildings!

THE place for great food in Little Italy! Seriously…we ate there TWICE!

Men…and Woman…In Black

Chillaxin’ in Times Square

A New York Bloody Mary

The NY bartenders were NOT as amused with us as Sinead was in Seattle…

“Uh…guys? Can I borrow a $1?”

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1 Response to Taking A Bite Of The Big Apple

  1. The Incredible Woody says:

    I absolutely love this idea of an annual friends trip! And can I admit that I have never been to NYC either?

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