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For The Ol’ Opera House…

When it comes to movie houses, there is only one that I consider an important historical site. I grew up in the small town of McConnelsville, OH. Like most small towns, McConnelsville doesn’t have a giant multiplex that shows 25 … Continue reading

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McConnelsville, Ohio

Many, many, many years ago, I lived in a very small town called McConnelsville. It’s a piece of Americana, this town. A couple of stop signs, still has the old hardware store, time runs a little slower there. And it … Continue reading

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My Road To The Final Four

March Madness is my favorite sporting event. All my life I’ve loved college basketball and I never thought that someday I would get to be a part of it, but there I was…living the dream and working on an all … Continue reading

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In My Lifetime…Ohio University

The College Days When I graduated from high school, I quite literally had no idea what I was gonna do with my life. After a short stint working at my parents’ restaurant (peelin’ potatoes & washing dishes ain’t my thing) … Continue reading

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Yeah…I know. It’s commonly known as “The Mistake On The Lake”. Everybody knows that sometime ago, the lake caught on fire. Everybody knows at one time there used to be an area known as “The Flats” that was full of … Continue reading

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A Tisket, A Tasket…

So I flipped open my mom’s laptop this morning and her default home page tab is set to MSN. I began scanning the headlines and I see there is a slideshow of the world’s wildest architecture. Hmmm…interesting. Guess I’ll check … Continue reading

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Reminiscing (Top Gun)

On the way home from work tonight, “Danger Zone” by Kenny Loggins popped up on shuffle on my IPod. It’s funny how music can make me remember things that I thought I had forgotten. In particular, this song, which I have … Continue reading

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